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5 rating

My stylist JoAnn was wonderful! She made sure she was happy with my haircut and recommended a great product. I'm super happy with my hair and the overall experience!

1 rating

I have to say my son loved going here in the beginning but the last 2 times he went the stylist Joanne he had messed up his haircut. We give the numbers on the clippers and both times he came out with a buzz cut and very unhappy then his hair takes forever to grow back to what he actually wants it to look like. I just dont understand how they are not looking to what he gets. My husband also said he likes it longer on top then the sides but its basically all one length. Just lost a customer at this point. 27 dollars for a buzz cut I could do at home is not worth it.

5 rating

I just had to give my two cents after seeing a couple of the reviews. I’ve recently been here twice since they re-opened after the Covid-19 shutdown and both times were a great experience. I’m an extremely picky and tough customer because I put a lot of time into taking care of my hair, I’m very specific with what I want, and it takes a very experienced stylist to do the haircut I’m looking for. So for me to be very happy after my two most recent visits, I feel like anyone who had a negative experience either didn’t clearly communicate their expectations, or they came in a long time ago because the staff I’ve interacted with are all great. My stylist on this trip was JoAnn. I’ll break it all down in more detail below starting with the most important part, the actual haircut. HAIRCUT: My stylist did a great job. She was completely focused and asked lots of follow up questions (without interrupting) as I explained how I like my hair to be cut and styled. For each step, she first demonstrated with my hair before she did anything and also gave me lots of options. I wanted a lot taken off but didn’t want it too short, so I asked her to take her time which she had no problem doing. The whole haircut took about 45-50 minutes as I kept saying “just a little more” but she was happy and engaged the whole time. When she was finished cutting, she had me double check everything two more times to be sure it was exactly what I wanted. I made a comment that it’s hard for me to tell until I get home, take a shower, and then style it to so she offered to wash my hair for me, which I definitely took her up on. She then styled my hair exactly as I wanted it and again asked me to check it over very well to be 100% sure everything was exactly how I wanted it before I walked out the door. Everything was done correctly and I’m very happy with the cut. SERVICE: JoAnn was very nice. I arrived about 20 minutes before their scheduled opening time and just wanted to let her know I was there whenever they were ready to open, but she cheerfully offered to take me right away. She was polite and positive in conversation and was very nice to me from start to finish. From my previous visits I can tell that they have a very structured process for every aspect of the experience, but she was able to follow the script in a very casual/conversational way that didn’t seem as pushy or “in your face” as a lot of companies. I’m a very positive, polite person and so I notice the small details when it comes to the politeness of others, and she was very cordial. PRICING: I upgraded to the wash and some other extras, so that made my haircut $23 before tip. I could certainly roll the dice at cheaper places but I’d rather look presentable in public. I’ve paid much, much more when visiting shops in Manhattan and Philadelphia. Being that I have a lot of hair, a style that takes a lot of training to do, and the fact that I voluntarily chose some higher priced upgrades, $23 doesn’t seem unreasonable for a 50 minute professional haircut. I wish it was free but sometimes in life you get what you pay for. CLEANLINESS: I’m a med student but I was deployed to New York City to work in Critical Care (a 5 week deployment during the height of the death toll that ended about 4 months ago and I was obviously required to quarantine for a full month and receive several negative tests before I was allowed around the public, and I’ve been back home and back to the student life for several months now) so cleanliness and reducing my risk of getting sick is extremely important to me when choosing a business to patronize. They really go above and beyond here. To get your place in line (walk-ins only) you have to do their mobile check-in process online or with their mobile app, which eliminates the hoards people coming and going at the front desk to sign-in. When you arrive at the location, you can either let them know you’re there (from outside) and then wait in your car or you can wait and relax in their outside, socially distanced seating area until it’s your turn. For everyone’s protection, they follow the state law by strictly requiring anyone in the building to wear a face mask at all times. I’m not saying masks are 100% effective, but it’s the law for those types of businesses and I’m all for taking easy steps to reduce some of the risk, so I was happy to see strict compliance. They also do a pre-screening regarding your current health/symptoms and your risk of recent exposure before even letting you in the building around other customers. Everything inside was distanced well beyond the required 6 feet and everything start to finish was completely touchless for the customer. They sanitize every single surface and tool directly in front of you before and after use from the time you walk in until the time you leave. On both recent visits there wasn’t a single moment a staff member wasn’t scrubbing their hands, using hand sanitizer, sweeping, or scrubbing and disinfecting the entire place. There were also several small things they do to further minimize the chances of anyone getting sick and I felt very safe and clean the entire time. Anyone who had a negative experience should probably give them 1 more try while very clearly and effectively communicating all their expectations, and then if it’s still a 1 star review then I’d just recommend going to the Cut ‘N Corral at the mall where you get someone who smells like nicotine greeting you with a “Whatta ya want?” to give you that $9 haircut. I understand not everyone is looking for quality. Some people love the McDonalds dollar menu. Stick to what you like I guess but even with my high expectations, my overall experience was great during my visits and I’ll definitely be back.

Rated 2.1 out of 5.0 based on 14 Client reviews

Tom R. | March 1, 2021 Overall Experience

"My stylist JoAnn was wonderful! She made sure she was happy with my haircut and recommended a great "

Christine C. | December 5, 2020 Haircut

"I have to say my son loved going here in the beginning but the last 2 times he went the stylist Joan"

Robby T. | August 24, 2020 Overall Experience

"I just had to give my two cents after seeing a couple of the reviews. I’ve recently been here twice "

James D. | December 3, 2019 Haircut

"Terrible!! When it seems like you can't get a haircut that's any worse, you do! Every time I've be"

Lala H. | November 22, 2019 Overall Experience

"This place sucks the manager is crazy. My friend worked there had a terrible experience. To all the "

Robert D. | March 27, 2019 Stylist

"I will start off with the good things, my hair didn’t get pulled out all the way, and my hair cut wa"

Rob K. | September 20, 2018 Overall Experience

"I just HAD to chime in here! I waited like 7-10 minutes MAX #1, I was greeted "right away" the momen"

Jonathon M. | August 8, 2018 Stylist

"Tracy was not good. She seemed very preoccupied. She was rushing through my haircut. I explained wha"

Catherine A. | July 13, 2018 Service

"Your stylist was rude and very unprofroessional . When we first came in she seemed okay. She explain"

Lila H. | June 7, 2018 Service

"Waited two hours for my Son who went in for a haircut and a shave. Prices are outrageous and waiting"